Rethink Tobacco – If you’re using tobacco, or even just thinking about it, here’s your chance to ReThink It (Seriously) and be part of the movement to reduce tobacco use and create healthier people and places in South Dakota.
Wow, I Stunk! Testimonials Are you ready to quit? Watch now

Monkey & the Billygoat

An odd couple fer–sher. Watch home movies of the two spending a few righteous days at the beach. Surf's up! Jumpin' the shark! Hangin' with the crabs! ... will there be a Meltdown? Dudes, get yer' goat-atudes on, and check it ouuuuuuut!

Wow! I Stunk.

When I quit tobacco, I closed up my car and didn't go in it for a week... When I got in - WHOA! It was terrible! That smell was on my clothes, my hair, everywhere! That's what everyone who doesn't smoke smells. Sorry everyone!!! The SD QuitLine made quitting a whole lot easier. Now I'm smoke-free and life smells a lot better! If you are ready to quit, call the SD QuitLine at 1.866.SD-QUITS or visit

And what’s worse…

Once the tobacco companies get you, they own you for life. A Philip Morris executive was quoted as saying that: ”Students are tremendously loyal. If you catch them, they’ll stick with you like glue.”

If you're thinking about trying tobacco, think again. There are much better things to do with your life.
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Tricks, not treats.

At first glance, it’s hard to tell, isn’t it? Well, that’s no accident. Confusion works in the tobacco companies’ best interest. They WANT you to think products like chew tobacco, vape, mods, JUUL pods, and flavored cigars are as fun and as harmless as candy bars are to kids. That’s because tobacco products are becoming less and less popular and tobacco companies are trying to get people addicted to nicotine in other ways. And it’s working. A recent study right here in South Dakota reports that 47% of young adults have tried e-cigarettes. Most of them are people who would never even think of smoking cigarettes. It’s a trick, not a treat. Nicotine in any form is poison and ADDICTIVE! Don’t buy it.

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Stay calm

The QuitLine coach says "Relax, let the craving pass, and find something else to do with your hands." South Dakota QuitLine: Helping tobacco quitters stay calm since 2002. To get us in your lifeboat, call: 1.866.SD-QUITS.

Crawl baby, crawl

“If children don’t like to be in a smoky room they’ll leave.”

When asked about infants Harper stated,

” At some point they begin to crawl.” — Charles Harper, R.J. Reynolds Chairman

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Crushed it.

Share this Monkey Butt and tell us how U crushed your tobacco habit!

Maybe send the monk to a friend who u know wants to quit too. BTW You Rock!

What’s the Price You Pay?

You pay the price for smoking
with your health and your money!

Once Big Tobacco gets you hooked,

They Own You…

…and Your Money.

The average pack of cigarettes
in South Dakota now costs $5.601.

Check out what you could
buy if you quit smoking.

What’s the Price You Pay?

You will save $170.40! You could buy an
awesome camera!

Keep that money coming!
We get richer.
You get sick and addicted.
That's how we big tobacco
executives like it.

What’s the Price You Pay?

You will save $1,022.00! You could buy
a laptop!

What’s the Price You Pay?

You will save $2,044.00! You could buy a
flat screen TV & sound system!

Hey, what's going on?
How about another smoke?
My cash is gettin' low.

What’s the Price You Pay?

You will save $4,088.00! You could buy some
fabulous diamond jewelry!

What’s the Price You Pay?

You will save $10,220.00! You could buy
a trip to Europe!

C'mon. Light up!
You're seriously cuttin'
into my cheese money!

What’s the Price You Pay?

You will save $20,440.00! You could buy
a motorcycle!

What’s the Price You Pay?

You will save $40,880.00! You could buy a
convertible sports car!

What’s the Price You Pay?

You will save $102,200.00! You could buy
a killer yacht!

Don’t buy it

Our pipe is sacred, their tobacco is POISON. We can help each other QUIT. Let's start today. Our lives depend on it.

Need a Goat-ian Angel?

The QuitLine's got your back. Learn more about these amazing flying fluff buckets of wonder, and what you might miss if you try to quit without one.


Living free & independent! Your style, your way.

So being dependent on tobacco runs counter to your being in control of your life. Think about it. Stop smoking and you increase your energy and your health right away. No more smoke breaks, money spent, smelly car & clothes. Free yourself.
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