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Wow, I Stunk! Testimonials Are you ready to quit? Watch now
Tried cold turkey... Testimonials Are you ready to quit? Watch now

Wow! I Stunk.

When I quit tobacco, I closed up my car and didn't go in it for a week... When I got in - WHOA! It was terrible! That smell was on my clothes, my hair, everywhere! That's what everyone who doesn't smoke smells. Sorry everyone!!! The SD QuitLine made quitting a whole lot easier. Now I'm smoke-free and life smells a lot better! If you are ready to quit, call the SD QuitLine at 1.866.SD-QUITS or visit RethinkTobacco.com/click-to-call/

not fit for man nor beast…

Tobacco smoke is full of cancer causing stuff like benzene, formaldehyde, polonium 210, cadmium, and chromium, just to name a few. TOBACCO MESSES WITH YOUR HEALTH BIG TIME. All in all there are more than 7,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke. At least 250 of them are harmful and 69 of them can cause cancer (carcinogens.) NO WONDER it worsens asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, causes mouth and throat cancer, lung cancer, and even fertility problems. This list goes on—Rethink Tobacco.
  1. National Cancer Institute

herbs aren’t created equal

A cup of hot tea is good for you – topping it off with a cigarette or two can eventually kill you. How about sticking with the tea and dropping that tobacco habit. Call the QuitLine 1.866.SD-QUITS

5 Dangers of Spit Tobacco

You can call chewing tobacco by whatever name you want – smokeless tobacco, spit tobacco, chew, chaw, plug, snuff, pinch, or dip – but don't call it harmless.

1. 60-78% of chewing tobacco users have oral lesions. Exposure to tobacco juice causes cancer of the esophagus, pharynx, larynx, stomach and pancreas.

2. Smokeless tobacco contains at least 28 cancer causing chemicals.

3. Smokeless tobacco users are 4-6X more likely to develop oral cancer compared to non-users and these cancers can form within 5 years of regular use.

4. Chewing tobacco is not safer or a safe alternative to smoking. A can of chew contains about the same amount of nicotine as 4 packs of cigarettes.

5. Smokeless tobacco is associated with recession of the gums, gum disease, tooth decay, cavities, loose teeth, and mouth lesions including leukoplakia – a precancerous lesion of the soft tissue in the mouth.
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And what’s worse…

Once the tobacco companies get you, they own you for life. A Philip Morris executive was quoted as saying that: ”Students are tremendously loyal. If you catch them, they’ll stick with you like glue.”

If you're thinking about trying tobacco, think again. There are much better things to do with your life.
  1. American Legacy Foundation

Dumb and dumber…

Fact: Nicotine prevents brain growth. Adolescent's brains are still growing. Using nicotine is like self inflicting brain damage. Fact: Nicotine disrupts the formation of brain circuits that control attention, learning and susceptibility to addiction. Stupid AND addicted is just how the tobacco companies want their customers to be.
  1. CDC's ENDS Key Facts

Tricks, not treats.

At first glance, it’s hard to tell, isn’t it? Well, that’s no accident. Confusion works in the tobacco companies’ best interest. They WANT you to think products like chew tobacco, vape, mods, JUUL pods, and flavored cigars are as fun and as harmless as candy bars are to kids. That’s because tobacco products are becoming less and less popular and tobacco companies are trying to get people addicted to nicotine in other ways. And it’s working. A recent study right here in South Dakota reports that 47% of young adults have tried e-cigarettes. Most of them are people who would never even think of smoking cigarettes. It’s a trick, not a treat. Nicotine in any form is poison and ADDICTIVE! Don’t buy it.

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Looks like somebody’s trying to tell you something :-)

Take a look on the back of any pack of cigarettes or can of chew and you'll find these warnings. They represent the deadly truth about the dangers of using tobacco products. Tobacco companies are required by law to publish them on their product packages. They're hoping you'll just ignore them and just go along with their advertising hype instead. Will you? Tobacco. Rethink it. Seriously.

Smoking Harms Nearly Every Organ in the Body

• Coronary Heart Disease
• Mouth & Throat Cancer
• Lung Cancer
• Narrowing of the Arteries
• Increased chance of Type 2 Diabetes
• Worsens Asthma
• High Blood Pressure Leading to
   Heart Attack or Stroke
• Cardiovascular Disease
• Cancer of the Larynx, Trachea, & Esophagus
• Emphysema
• Stomach Cancer
• Chronic Bronchitis
• Kidney & Bladder Cancer
• Fertility Problems

  1. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Yeah, tobacco’s got it.

Tons. Tobacco products are chock full of lots of different poisons and toxins. Check it out: “There are approximately 600 ingredients in cigarettes. When burned, they create more than 7,000 chemicals. At least 69 of these chemicals are known to cause cancer, and many are poisonous.” — American Lung Association
  1. American Lung Association

Smoking more than one pack of cigarettes per day 

during pregnancy nearly


that the affected child will become

addicted to tobacco if that child starts smoking.

About 90% of lung cancer deaths among women who continue
to smoke
tobacco related.


Don’t forget your gas mask. According to the Surgeon General, there is no risk-free level of contact with secondhand smoke; even brief exposure can be harmful to health. Tell friends and family that smoke to go outside - or better yet - quit.  
  1. CDC

Healthy lungs don’t look like this.

But just a few years of smoking will get you there, along with all the coughing, hacking, bad breath, emphysema, and other health problems that go with it. And then of course there's heart disease and lung cancer. You know. The end game. "Death by tobacco" is preventable. Think about it.
  1. NIH

Yikes! Every
cigarette smoked
cuts your lifetime
by about the
time it takes
to smoke it.

Cigarettes shorten lifespan

Okay let’s break that down. If you smoke a pack of cigarettes every day, that works out to about 25 days lost per year. Smoke for 15 years, and you’ve taken a year off your life.


Why check out early? If you’re ready to quit, give us a call at 1.866.SD-QUITS.

  1. World Health Organization

Tobacco use is the
leading preventable
cause of disease,
disability, and death
in the USA.

Yes, we said “preventable.”

Sure, bad things like accidents and disease happen to good people, and yeah, we’re all gonna die someday. But it doesn’t have to be ON PURPOSE! If you’re a tobacco user, please quit, before it’s too late.

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