Goats Know – Rethink Tobacco
Why Goats? We're not kidding

That smell was horrible!

I did it... I quit tobacco! After I quit, I rolled up the windows in my car and didn't go in it for a week. End of the week, I got in and WHOA - it was horrible! That smell was in my car, on my clothes, everywhere. Wow - I stunk! Not anymore - I was a smoker and I'm not now. Feels so good! If you are ready to quit, call the SD QuitLine at 1.866.SD-QUITS or visit RethinkTobacco.com/click-to-call/

Goat Dream

Guru Goat says: “When you quit your tobacco addiction, your whole world starts looking better and better…you feel good… like waking up from a bad dream into a land of wonder. Maybe that’s because life is better with you in it, and the universe is happy to have you back.”


Wanna zap your tobacco addiction?
Lose that monkey?
Boom! Call on GoatZilla!
…or wait… better yet… Call the South Dakota QuitLine.
(…because…well, um…we don’t exactly have permission to publish the ‘Zillster’s number.) 😉

Stay calm

The QuitLine coach says "Relax, let the craving pass, and find something else to do with your hands." South Dakota QuitLine: Helping tobacco quitters stay calm since 2002. To get us in your lifeboat, call: 1.866.SD-QUITS.

No worries…

When you call the QuitLine, you've got a friend. A coach to help you with this every day, every week, until you are tobacco-free. It's easier with support. We've got your back.

Don’t go it alone.

Our professionally trained QuitLine coaches have helped thousands of South Dakota tobacco users quit and stay quit. Ready to give it a go? Why not double your chances of success? Get a personal QuitLine coach. It’s FREE and it works. Call 1.866.SD-QUITS.

Don’t Goat Alone

“I realized I can’t do it myself. The first step was asking for help. I loved the QuitLine. The second time worked for me.”
-Ellen, Beresford