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No more monkey

Yeah, it was time. I quit smoking. It just got to be so much about the next tobacco fix. Like an annoying monkey on my back all the time. I tried cold turkey and that DIDN'T work, so I called the SD QuitLine. No more addiction, no more monkey. Smoke-free for five months. It's an amazing feeling! If you are ready to quit, call the SD QuitLine at 1.866.SD-QUITS or visit RethinkTobacco.com/click-to-call/

Monkey Brain

OTHERWISE KNOWN AS YOUR SCREAMING TOBACCO ADDICTION! A constant, annoying distraction...seems to run your life, not to mention stunting brain growth. Want your freedom and your brain back? Make it stop! Call the QuitLine NOW.
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It’s monkey time…every 20 minutes

This guy calls you every 20 minutes or so scream’n for a tobacco fix. Every day, every night, every year. Stinky clothes, stinky breath, kill’n your health. Are you tired of the monkey routine yet? When it’s time, take control. We can help. 1.866.SD-QUITS

Crushed it.

Share this Monkey Butt and tell us how U crushed your tobacco habit!

Maybe send the monk to a friend who u know wants to quit too. BTW You Rock!

In the trash

HEY TOBACCO USERS, ever been so disgusted with your habit, you just up and threw all your tobacco stuff in the trash… only to have your annoying addiction nag you into going to get more? WORSE YET, ever dive back into the trash can, because your monkey “changed your mind” for you? Hey, it happens. Not to worry.

NEXT TIME TRY THIS: Trash your addiction monkey instead. Because THAT’S what you really have to lose. There will always be more tobacco…the point is, it doesn’t have to be YOUR tobacco. Just say, “I can live without it.” Need help? Call us at 1.866.SD-QUITS.

Why quit now?

  1. You’ll have more money for other stuff.
  2. It’s easier to change habits when you’re younger.
  3. Say goodbye to the stink, yellow teeth, and bad breath.
  4. You’ll have more energy.
  5. People will think you’re smarter.
  6. You won’t have to worry about when you’re going to quit anymore.
  7. Oh yeah, and the sooner you quit, chances are, the longer you’ll live.

Monkey & the Billygoat

An odd couple fer–sher. Watch home movies of the two spending a few righteous days at the beach. Surf's up! Jumpin' the shark! Hangin' with the crabs! ... will there be a Meltdown? Dudes, get yer' goat-atudes on, and check it ouuuuuuut!

It’s a bad trip

When your mind and body want that next nicotine fix, it’s hard to focus on anything else. It’s a bad trip, any way you look at it. And until you quit, it ain’t gonna get any better. So, how about right now? Get the monkey off your back. Give us a call at 1.866.SD-QUITS. We’ll help you get your head straight.

Got Poison?

Oh yeah. Tobacco products are chock full of lots of different poisons and toxins. Check it out:

“There are approximately 600 ingredients in cigarettes. When burned, they create more than 7,000 chemicals. At least 69 of these chemicals are known to cause cancer, and many are poisonous.” — American Lung Association

  1. American Lung Association


Oh yeah, you can do this. Quittin' tobacco's tough, but so are you. Jus' cowboy up an' ride that wild hog home. Yee-haaw.

On Facebook , friend Stephen shares… 

MARCH 9 @ 11:01 PM:  

It’s my 5th day without that monkey
and I already feel the benefits.

APRIL 1 @ 1:56 PM: 

No more monkey in my life!
One month smoke free.

Then on his own wall, he continues… 


JUNE 28: 

On the 1st, it will mark four months
of being smoke free. That’s crazy.

JULY 6: 

As the days grow older, I feel
more alive than ever before,
being substance free is an amazing feeling,
hell I don’t even drink… Life is good.

Dead End

Not to be a pest, but you know, tobacco kills because it is full of lots of different kinds of poison. Assuming you already know this, why check out early? Life’s better with you in it!

  1. CDC

It’s Monkey time!

Is this what it feels like when you’ve gone too long between cigarettes? Are you one of those people who say “Hey, I can quit any time...” until you can’t?

Give us a call at 1.866.SD-QUITS. We can help with that.

Monkey On Your Back

Tobacco cravings jam your brain circuits making it almost impossible to focus on anything except your next nicotine fix. Don’t let Big Tobacco own your head. Make the call. 1.866.SD-QUITS.

4 sure…

When you and your buds are ready to quit tobacco for good, we’ve got the number. Could be more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Call now. 1.866.SD-QUITS

Goat Dream

Guru Goat says: “When you quit your tobacco addiction, your whole world starts looking better and better…you feel good… like waking up from a bad dream into a land of wonder. Maybe that’s because life is better with you in it, and the universe is happy to have you back.”


Besides harming your good health, tobacco addiction steals all your time. You can’t do anything ’till you get that next tobacco fix. Want that Monkey off your back? Give us a call at 1.866.SD-QUITS.


Doesn’t this Monkey just make you sick? He stinks too. And the screaming for another tobacco fix hour after hour... Whoa. Lose the monkey. Call the QuitLine, we can help with this. 1.866.SD-QUITS

Need a Goat-ian Angel?

The QuitLine's got your back. Learn more about these amazing flying fluff buckets of wonder, and what you might miss if you try to quit without one.

Stay calm

The QuitLine coach says "Relax, let the craving pass, and find something else to do with your hands." South Dakota QuitLine: Helping tobacco quitters stay calm since 2002. To get us in your lifeboat, call: 1.866.SD-QUITS.

Lose It

If you use tobacco, you know the feeling. Once that craving kicks in, you can’t think of anything else. Tired of losing concentration every few minutes? Lose your addiction instead. 1.866.SD-QUITS.


Wanna zap your tobacco addiction?
Lose that monkey?
Boom! Call on GoatZilla!
…or wait… better yet… Call the South Dakota QuitLine.
(…because…well, um…we don’t exactly have permission to publish the ‘Zillster’s number.) 😉