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Youth Activism

Stick it to 'em

Unfiltered REALity, a tobacco prevention group
based in Mitchell, is DOING A LOT!

The group is comprised of about 250 Mitchell students, grades 6-12,
and they're changing social attitudes toward tobacco use. Students in
Unfiltered REALity often participate in service learning opportunities
which allow them to have useful roles in their community. In turn, this
gives adults the opportunity to value them and see them as resources.
The service learning projects often encompass social justice issues
revolving around tobacco as well as poverty and reducing hunger.

Click here to watch a Keloland News Story on Unfiltered REALity.

Invisible Faces

"Table for One" was performed at the City Drug Free Day at
the Park. Unfiltered REALity is frequently asked to train other
students, schools or adults in tobacco prevention including a
public policy model called SQUADS and on "Sweet Deceptions",
a presentation that focuses on smokeless tobacco, candy
flavoring and tobacco advertising that's aimed at youth.

Smoking kills morepeople than alcohol, car crashes, AIDS, illegal drugs, murders, & suicides combined.


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