Big Tobacco’s After Your Sweet Tooth

Know why you can't buy candy flavored cigarettes? Because it's illegal for tobacco companies to make them! Even so, they use the same Life Saver, Jolly Rancher and Kool-Aid candy flavors in their cigar and e-cigarette products that candy companies use. The flavors little kids love. And they tell us they're not trying to market to children? Yeah, right. Candy flavored tobacco products are poisonous.
  1. Tobacco Free Kids

Crawl baby, crawl

“If children don’t like to be in a smoky room they’ll leave.”

When asked about infants Harper stated,

” At some point they begin to crawl.” — Charles Harper, R.J. Reynolds Chairman

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The Truths Behind Their Lies

In 2006 a U.S. District Court Judge ordered big cigarette makers to finally tell the truth about tobacco. Here’s what one of them said,

“A Federal court is requiring tobacco companies to tell the truth about cigarette smoking. Here’s the truth…Smoking kills 1,200 Americans. Every Day.”

To see more ways Big Tobacco is coming clean about the lies they’re been telling for years, click on the source link below.

  1. Tobacco Free Kids

And what’s worse…

Once the tobacco companies get you, they own you for life. A Philip Morris executive was quoted as saying that: ”Students are tremendously loyal. If you catch them, they’ll stick with you like glue.”

If you're thinking about trying tobacco, think again. There are much better things to do with your life.
  1. American Legacy Foundation

Pants on Fire

Tobacco executives have told so many lies over the years, it’s almost laughable. In January, 2016 we’ll be posting a fun little game that lets you separate the lies from the facts. A great shareable way to measure your group’s collective Tobacco IQ. Watch for it!

Don’t buy it

Our pipe is sacred, their tobacco is POISON. We can help each other QUIT. Let's start today. Our lives depend on it.

Tricks, not treats.

At first glance, it’s hard to tell, isn’t it? Well, that’s no accident. Confusion works in the tobacco companies’ best interest. They WANT you to think products like spit tobacco, e-cigarettes, and flavored cigars are as fun and as harmless as candy bars are to kids. That’s because they are selling fewer and fewer cigarettes and are trying to get you addicted to something else instead. And it’s working. A recent study right here in South Dakota reports that 47% of young adults have tried e-cigarettes. Most of them are people who would never even think of smoking cigarettes. It’s a trick, not a treat. Nicotine in any form is poison and ADDICTIVE! Don’t buy it.

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