Check out our site, have some fun, maybe even learn a few new things. Then share the best stuff with your friends… especially those who still think using tobacco is a way to relieve stress and be free and cool. That’s what the tobacco companies want you to think. We know different.

So, if you’re using tobacco, or even just thinking about it, here’s your chance to Rethink It (Seriously) and be part of the movement to reduce tobacco use and create healthier people and places in South Dakota.

South Dakota Resources

  • SDQuitLine.com: This site features practically everything you’ll ever need to know about the South Dakota QuitLine, help services, extended resources, FAQs, and more.

  • facebook.com/SDQuitLine: Updated daily with hints, tips, reasons to quit, ways to do it, testimonials, and encouragement from people who have. A great way to keep in touch and stay tobacco free.

  • twitter.com/SDQuitLine: Stay connected and up to date on the latest news about tobacco issues in SD and across the country. An excellent tool that offers even more reasons to quit and stay quit.

  • BeFreeSD.com: An easy to use, comprehensive overview on how to live, work, play, and learn tobacco-free in South Dakota. Includes profiles of people at risk, tips on tobacco-free homes, communities, schools, parks, recreation areas, success stories and more.

  • FindYourPowerSD.com: Developed to help South Dakota’s American Indian community find their power and fight back against commercial tobacco, there are all kinds of resources available here to help them stand together and be strong. Explore, share, visit often and let us know what you are doing to end commercial tobacco addiction in your community.

  • facebook.com/FindYourPowerSD: Where South Dakota Tribal members can discuss tobacco issues in the context of their culture’s unique relationship with tobacco as a spiritual practice versus addiction to commercial tobacco.

  • HealthySD.gov: A fresh resource with tools to help you learn how to combine physical activity with healthy eating as part of your daily routine. Visit often for inspiration and tips on how to live better and grow stronger.

Toolkits & Poster

Help Kick Big Tobacco’s Butt with these Toolkits and Poster

The toolkits are full of activities, ideas and resources to entertain and educate as you help spread the truth about tobacco.

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