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X marks the quit spot

We want to hear from you! Where were you when you decided to quit? Where and when did you decide not to become a tobacco user? Do you remember?

Share your X-marks-the-quit-spot story. Grab an X-marks-the-quit-spot pic or take your own selfie and share on Tobacco Rethink It Facebook or Twitter @SDQuitLine with hashtag #XMarksTheQuitSpot.

"My friends all smoke. I thought about joining them, but the day I decided I was not going to be a smoker I had just gotten out of Ashley's car. It was gross. That smell stayed in my clothes and hair til I showered the next day. I really hate that secondhand stink! I will never be a smoker!"


"The day I decided I wanted to quit smoking I was going to a Jack White concert. Standing outside in the cold, in a cloud of smoke with a dozen other smokers grabbing a last puff and I realized this is not where I want to be. I'm done. Quit that night, got help from the QuitLine. No regrets."


Share one of these X's with your story, or create your own X-spot.

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