Testimonials – Rethink Tobacco
That smell was horrible!
Wow! I Stunk.

On Facebook , friend Stephen shares… 

MARCH 9 @ 11:01 PM:  

It’s my 5th day without that monkey
and I already feel the benefits.

APRIL 1 @ 1:56 PM: 

No more monkey in my life!
One month smoke free.

Then on his own wall, he continues… 


JUNE 28: 

On the 1st, it will mark four months
of being smoke free. That’s crazy.

JULY 6: 

As the days grow older, I feel
more alive than ever before,
being substance free is an amazing feeling,
hell I don’t even drink… Life is good.

Facebook friend Kay shares:

It is amazing when you do.

Test is if you smoke in your car stop smoking for a week,
don’t go near your car for that time, leave the windows up.

At the end of that week see if you can sit in your car.

It is horrible, then smell your clothes.

This is what everyone who does not smoke smells.

I was a smoker.

WOW I stunk!!!

🙂 Sorry everyone.

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